Tuesday, December 16, 2008

IMAZ Comment

I've started telling everyone I came in second at Ironman Arizona.

From Last.

Sometimes, it may be hard to hear that last part.

This makes me smile every time. I love a good funny.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Light Run/Walk

What a wonderful idea - getting exercise while enjoying the lights of the season. Anita & I decided to run the 4 mile loop. We got a late start, but caught up with the walkers while they were still on Willow Lawn Drive. We said our hello's & started our run....which lasted until we got to Cathy D's house, where I was mesmerized by football on the big screen and reminded that I was missing my Steelers (woohoo, go Big Ben).

The walkers caught up to us at Cathy's and when Sally found a monster in an upstairs bedroom, I knew we had to stay and protect these folks! OK, it was just a dog, but that was one biiiig dog. We didn't actually make a conscience decision to walk from then on out, but visiting with everyone was too much fun to want to run. We were very lucky that the weather was extremely mild and I never got cold while we were out.

We had some challenges trying to follow directions in the dark, but the lights we wore to protect us from traffic were almost bright enough to read by.

We caught the runners (OK, they were stopped and reading directions). And it was great to see them. We even beat them back to ASK (there may have been a small mileage difference, but it was definitely under 100%). We had serious motivation to make it back as there were instructions not to pee on the neighbors' lawns.

It was fun to follow the lights (instead of the directions) and great to catch up & enjoy a laugh with trigirls. The new space for ASK is lovely and will be very comforting to the families.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to a lovely evening and I hope next year's can be scheduled so that Annn cannn attend.