Monday, October 26, 2009


It came from Australia first. Yay for Australia, my new favorite country.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


This is my second consecutive weekend without seeing P!nk.

Today I consoled myself by golfing with AJ and Stacey and attempting to corner the market on Farmville neighbors, both real & fictitious, as well as four legged. I believe the four legged ones are real. We even now have a deceased neighbor. That one is a little over the line, I think.

We also stopped by Barnes & Noble and visited the P!nk dvd that will be released Tuesday...unless it comes from Australia first. I got to touch it, but it made the clerk very nervous. Can you see me throwing $20 on the counter and running out? Would that be stealing? Hmmm. May have to ponder that one some more.

And we spent some quality phone & FB time with She Who Deserves a Better Nickname Than I Have Currently Come Up With. Tomorrow we will plan the P!nk pre & actual dvd viewing party (may need to rent a hall, or perhaps break it up into smaller parties) and console ourselves some more by running with SWDABNTIHCCUW (Swadabn for short)....or at least planning a run and then backing out when I haven't had enough sleep because I stayed up hoping more FV friends will show (only 4 more needed - that's AMAZING). Ok, perhaps AMAZING is overstating, but 50 is a lot of FV crazies, I mean neighbors. Sure wish the cross out feature worked on this thing.

Then we will have Halloween rehearsal. I'm truly thinking we need to rethink our Halloween plans or at least our Halloween friends for next year.

G'night. Thank goodness I don't believe in editing before publishing, right?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In Someone's Footsteps

I ran Sunday evening. About 6.5 miles with Anita & Joy (Ironannn had the kids, so no go there). We had a really good run and were just about 1/2 mile from the finish when I decided I really missed Ironannn. So I tripped, did a very nice somersault, and came up running, already reassuring Anita that I was fine.

I HATE scaring Anita way more than I hate being a klutz. But I've always been much more of an aspiring athlete than an actual athlete, so I should certainly be used to it, wish she'd get used to it....sorry Love.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The P!nk Cruise or The Triathlon of P!nk

Just couldn't decide on whether to describe this as a cruise or a triathlon...wait...I enjoy cruises all the way through and triathlons I only enjoy when signing up. Ok, The P!nk Cruise it is!

We learned last year that the more friends you can take on a cruise, the better
off you are and the more likely you are to have a grand time for the entire trip. If ever there's a down or slow moment, a friend will come along to get the party started (restarted).

So, we sailed into Fairfax 2 Mondays ago for our first port. We had general admission tickets, so we had to get in line. Thanks so much to our cruise team anchors, Robin & Sherry, for getting to the venue nice & early and securing space for the 6 of us. Fairfax was a lovely port. People were extremely friendly, especially considering we were all competing for the best "seats" in the house.

OK, maybe too friendly. I call this picture "there are people nuttier than us". This is one of
at least 2 pictures of P!nk on this man's body. He also has copies of her tattoos tattoo'd (OK,
 I have no idea how to spell that).

We arrived on line about 3 for the 8pm concert.  Mj & JJ beat us by only a few minutes, which is good for us, considering we're ALWAYS on GST (Gay Standard Time).  Mom was a real trooper and hung out with the 6 of us, even though she had choices since she had a seat. Here's where Mom's seat was:

Yes, I'm a horrible daughter for getting her a crap seat AND making her wait in line for said crap seat. From the discussions
in the car on the way to the hotel afterward, it seems we saw completely different concerts. Mom couldn't understand anything P!nk said when she spoke and she also observed several things we didn't see.

We met several new friends on line, including Morgan & Whitney, two local college students.  Not sure I was ever that young & energetic, but Morgan loves P!nk, so it's OK to be a little perky.  Morgan gave P!nk a homemade shirt onstage and P!nk said "thank you Morgan".  Damn, I could have made her a shirt.  Next time.  I'd say I'm a dork, but I'm too old to be a dork.

The Ting Tings opened for P!nk or should I say they played before she came on stage. Opened for her connotes they're on a similar talent level. No. We were sadly forced to attend as we'd lose our spots if we left. It took us 3 concerts to learn they were indeed better from the beer/drink line - even before you got to buy your $9.50 Madison Square Garden beer.

In Fairfax, we were to (our) right of the catwalk/stage, on the security barrier. It was awesome. P!nk worked to make eye contact with everyone and we had a great view of her dancing & singing. She was in great voice and seemed to really enjoy herself. I think all 6 of us on the floor were in total awe.

She opened with a video of "Highway to Hell", then entered from beneath the stage to swing high overhead to my fave of the new album, "Bad Influence". Loved the entrance & the song
selection. Not going to go through the set list or the costume changes. Seems a bit boring unless you're obsessed enough to go to 3 concerts or more. I'll try to just hit the highlights. Looking at the pics again this evening made us wish we were going to see her more!

The stage was very large and intricate with a bed, slides, 2 stairways, a runway/catwalk into the middle of the audience with a small stage at the end. She changed costumes a lot, but was not offstage much - she changed jackets and such, but had about 6 major costume changes. The costumes were fun - designed by Bob Mackie of Cher & the Carol Burnett Show fame. Amazing what you can do when you start with a sexy, strong body and then add a little spandex, ribbons, lace & glitter. Mmmmm. Let me say that besides the body, I have never 
appreciated any of these (well, maybe a little glitter) until P!nk. Now, Mmmmm.

The Entrance:

We had a good spot to see the concert.

Yeah, that's what I was watching, the concert...

It was a bit of a religious experience for me:

And then Freddy Mercury showed up! At least P!nk channeled him on
"Bohemian Rhapsody".

She then took off the hat & jacket to perform "Funhouse".  

I really like her taste in clothes.

After Fairfax, we lost some of our cruisers.  So just 4 of us flew up to Boston.  I've clearly run out of gas for this blog, so I'll post more about Boston & NY another time.