Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So That Was a Good Idea

I started triathlon at age 37.  I'd run one race in my life.  At age 12.  I think it was a mile; felt like a marathon.  I finished last.  Have a great picture of me from the finish line down the track.  Finishing with no one behind me.  Was I leading by a mile?  Uh no.  Definitely a clear indication of things to come.

I started triathlon by watching TV.  I know many people start this way.  Showing the Ironman on TV should be outlawed.  If not, there should at least be a warning message.  Koolaid is Kontagioius.

After figuring out that a triathlon meant I'd have to swim, bike & run, I did.  People always ask which sport is my favorite, which is my least favorite, etc.  Favorite?  Transition, naturally. Or perhaps the next one.  Least favorite?  Yes.  The current one. 

So after 11 years, completing 3 Ironmen, I opted out.  Retired.  Done.  Safe from injury & accident.  Going to play golf.  Turns out I hit the ball a lot further than I had - after all that core & strength training, I could really turn on the ball.  Nice!  Lowest handicap of my life.

And then the off season.  Trying not to put on too much weight.  Failing, but not so much that anyone would really notice besides me.

And then, a couple of weeks ago.  Walking to the 2nd hole...I stepped in a hole - a pothole on the cartpath.  I knew it was bad before I hit the ground.  And hit I did.  Fractured my ankle in two places, but fortunately it was simple - hairlines - no displacement.

So yes, I'm the first person in recorded history to retire from triathlon practically injury-free and break my leg within a year on the golf course.


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